Speciality And Composite Imagery Unique pieces to display in your home or Business.

We specialise in doing custom ordered one piece items.

Speciality And Composite Imagery

We sit down and discuss a location and conceptual idea that you might have, then create an image that will amaze any visitors you have.

Best of all this image will be unique to you alone and would not be reprinted again.
So you be assured you a have a one of a kind Art piece to admire for years to come.
There will be varying costs depending on print size and clients’ needs please contact us for a consultation.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our Speciality And Composite Imagery displayed on our Website or Social Media Pages, please contact us for a price.
We can organise to send them to you digitally or have them printed for you.



Corporate Photoshoot - Our 4 steps to Capture your images

Step 1

Concept you share with us your vision and goals for your images. Think of all the different elements that can be used to express, communicate and represent your Business. You can use your images for your Website, Social Media, Business Cards, Marketing Material, Corflutes, Bus Stops and anywhere you would like to connect with your Client. 

Step 2

Collaboration to help you build a strategy to communicate elements of your brand and brand’s mission with your photos, we will send you a Branding/Marketing questionnaire. This helps us to clarify your concept, to ensure we set up our studio, lighting, background and equipment in a way to bring out the best for your images. Working together to bring your branding message through your images.

Step 3

Capture is where it all comes together. Firstly we will make you and your staff feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in the studio or onsite. We have first in mind your concept, your message and bringing out the uniqueness of you and your business to shine in your photos. We will guide you how to pose, coach you on expressions and make you feel at ease. In the studio we have a screen so you can immediately see your images and we can adjust to bring out the best in your session.

Step 4

Creation starts at the end of the studio session. You and the Photographer will go through your images and make a shortlist. These images will be emailed to you for you to select which ones you would like digitally enhanced. We use colour, density, sharpening adjustments and edit fine lines, skin smoothing where needed and teeth whitening. We enhance your features to make it natural. We want the image to be a real version of you and show your uniqueness and qualities.